ALIS Summary

Basic information:


ALIS (Alice) is a decentralized social media platform, place where you can write and read news and other articles.

Concept of ALIS is “Make it possible for many individuals to create and discover articles that everyone thinks is worth.”
Quite often if people wants to search news article, they go to the search engine.  The search engine just shows top  ranking articles and do not show other articles. Some time there are better and related news articles that the people wants read in the bottom of the search ranking.   Many search engine ranking can manipulate by advertisement and certain algorizem and some time not fair.

ALIS developer came with the idea of make readers make evaluate the articles and make it easier to discover these high ranking article that the readers evaluated.

ALIS will provide social platform that provide writers and readers independent from search engine and big media site.
The interesting part of ALIS is that not only those who wrote the content that was evaluated and trust worthy content, but also those who found the content that is trust worthy by everyone can receive an ALIS token.

Writer who create contents that are high quality and trust worthy can receive more  will also get more ALIS tokens.


Current Alice market price:

About future potential:

I think ALIS has lot of growing potential and safer to invest. These are the reasons for growing potential

  • ALIS Company’s operation policy is aiming for transparency
  • Many mainstream Japanese Media covered ALIS
  • Product progress can check by official twitter.
  • Early block-chain adapter in the Japanese SNS and web media field
  • Will list on Domestic (Japanese) exchange

ALIS Company’s operation policy is aiming for transparency:

ALIS company operation policy is clear and aiming for transparency


ALIS uses trello to show their progress




Many mainstream Japanese Media covered ALIS:

Some of very large media are covered their work

ALIS covered by Media


Product process are reported almost everyday:

ALIS management team report their progress almost everyday in various social media.  That indicates they are working hard to archive their goal.  It helps the investors peace of mine.

This is ALIS’s Twitter.

ALIS frequently tweet in English to help spread their project insight.

Early block-chain adapter in the Japanese SNS and web media field:

ALIS project is unique and interesting project.  Japanese SNS and Web Media are some what closed from other part of world. Since the language barrier between Japanese and world make difficult foreign SNS companies to deploy business in Japan.

Will list on the Domestic Japanese exchange:

As of May ALIS is not on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange yet.  Many Japanese are not comfortable invest their money to the foreign cryptocurrency exchange, because of the language barrier, foreign law and more.  Typically, when the Japanese made cryptocurrency listed on the Japanese exchange result will be significant investment increase from Japanese investors.  In the past when Monacoin made it to the Japanese exchange during late 2017, the price of Monacoin sky-rocked.

For more information:

Please visit their site for more accurate and detail information. The information here is the summarized version of various Japanese blogs and other information sites.