Monacoin Summary

Mona coin logo

Basic information:

  • Company Name: N/A
  • Cryptocurrencies or Tokens Name: MONA
  • Algorithm:  Lyra2RE(v2)
  • Developer: Mr. Watanabe
  • ICO period: N/A   December 2014
  • Max number published: 15,120,000 MONA
  • Official website:
  • Whitepaper: N/A


Mona coin was developed by Mr Watanabe and it’s the first Japanese curyptcurrency. The market cap rank is in 1st place within the Japanese cryptocurrency.

Mona coin name came from Japanese message board 2ch “Mona-“

Monacoin developed based on Lite coin, Mona coin used to be joke coins (coins that are not really serious) like DOGE but the coin performance is higher some people are saying higher than Bitcoins and Lite coins.

Mona coin has very strong community. Because it’s first Japanese cryptocurrency and born from the biggest message board in Japan.

These community members helped advertise Mona coin in many ways.  Putting advertisement on Akihabara, making real Monacoins, open Monabar and more.  This community oriented volunteer helped popularity among Japanese public.  The price of Monacoin as of January 1st 2017 was about 2 cents and on same year of December it was close to $20.


Current MONACOIN market price:

About future potential:

Mona coin still have some growing potential but not as other newly developed coins. Current price as of May, 2018 is around $3 to $5 range. The coin went about $20 on December, 2017.  Some said around $3 to $5 range is fair price. Mona coin is well known in Japan but not in the world. If Mona coin wants to increase their value, it needs to go beyond Japan. Needs some advertisement to the other port of world but it may be difficult to do that.

  • Monacoin is well known in Japan and have strong community that support MONACOIN
  • Monacoin is in the white list which is the list that is preferred by Ministry of finance department

MONACOIN is well know coin and have strong community :

MONACOIN is out in the public for almost 4 years. MONACOIN was came from community called 2ch board which is the largest internet message board in Japan. Community conducted many event in Japan to promote the MONACOIN.  Many influencers backup

MONACOIN is in the white list(Japanese finance ministry preferred cryptocurrency list):

MONACOIN joined in the white list on September 29th 2017.  This list is the list of cryptocurrency that can trade in Japanese cryptocurreny exchange.  Many big japanese cryptocurrency exchange started list the MONACOIN in to their exchange.  MONACOIN’s value and market value increased skyrocketed.

Please visit their site for more accurate and detail information. The information here is the summarized version of various Japanese blogs and other information sites.