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NAM Summary:

NAM started ICO sales on Jan, 28th 2018. The project is combined of AI, Medical and Blockchain. The project attracted a lot of attention from the world as a “Next Generation Medical system” that brings reform to the current medical system in Japan by combining “Medical × Block Chain × AI (Artificial Intelligence)”.

NAM is lead by Japanese medical professional. It is been a popular ICO in Japan and Asia (China, South Korea).  NAM will be on ANA exchange (Hong Kong based)place for public sale.
Please refer to the NAM official site for how to join in project and read the whitepaper.

Basic information:


Currently (As of June 24th), you can purchase coins from NAM Inc website

Schedule for Public sale is unknown. Please check their website for latest information.

What is NAM?:

NAM gather $10 million after first seven days of ICO sales.

January, 25th 2018 started business partnership with leading Chinese company with 700 million users “Weibo” which is like Chinese version Twitter.
NAM is ICO project that combined with Medical and AI, It is the next [Next generation Medical system].

Referencing the whitepaper, will summarize NAM

  1. NAM management
  2. NAM project summary
  3. Price of Token(goal,plan)
  4. ICO schedule

NAM management:

Naming of [NAM] came from initial letter from [Nakano AI Medical]

NAM’s project leader is Mr. Tetsuhei Nakano, Representative Director of NAM Corporation.

Although He just graduated from Keio University’s medical school in 2017, in 2016 and 2017, for the second consecutive year, He was selected to “IPA unexplored business” aimed at “development of outstanding IT personnel” under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Now has withdrawn).


NAM Project summary:

The project attracted a lot of attention from the world as a “Next Generation Medical system” that brings reform to the current medical system in Japan by combining “Medical × Block Chain × AI (Artificial Intelligence)”.

These are some of the current problems in the medical field in Japan:

  • Does not know patient’s medical data / progress situation
  • Low percentage of sharing of patient electronic medical charts sharing records
  • Approval of new drugs and new tests is four years behind the world

Current medical system in Japan is outdated and that lead to unnecessary medical expenses to the government of Japan. (Medical insurance in Japan is state based)

Also, foreign tourists are on the rise because of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and have some issue when foreigner wants to get medical treatment in Japan.

  • Language differences
  • Treatment expenses not covered by insurance
  • Proper medical examination

There are still many hurdles for foreigners to receive medical treatment in Japan, and sometimes Japanese medical system do not meet the needs of foreign patients.

Therefore NAM’s ICO project is aiming these advance medical system

  • Inquiry bot system using AI
  • Prediction system of diseases and diseases by machine learning of AI
  • Providing AI recommended health foods
  • Next Generation Medical Record System (Multilingual Support)
  • Establishment of AI clinic dedicated to NAM

Aiming to “provide next generation medical services specializing in AI (artificial intelligence)” to medical workers and patients.

These are the some of the NAM coin projects.

1.Operation of interview bot (Dr. Q) with artificial intelligence

Dr Q

The first project of NAM (Nam) is “Doctor Q” utilizing LINE (Japanese version “What’s up apprication”.

This service has already been tested and downloaded by many people using LINE, but the review from the user are not well, and this service is still in development stage.

But in the future “Doctor Q” will have great effeteness after the patient can check the status of diagnosis after the health examination.

Many patients go to hospital when they have injuries and sickness, but after they recovered to a certain extent, they tend to not to go to the hospital anymore. Because they think “I am fine without going to the hospital anymore because I feel I got well.

What will happen then?

For the doctor very hard to accurately grasp the situation after the examination of the patient, if the patient and hospital do not have detail patient diagnosis records. Nevertheless, it is necessary to do “question diagnosis / treatment” when a patient visited again, and this create unnecessary time and cost Problem This phenomenon is caused by a problem that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan is concerned with.

Therefore, “Doctor Q” which is also one of the NAM project will utilizing the Bot system using LINE (Japanese version What’s up). Even, if the patient himself does not consult with doctor, after the health examination.  This system can report patient health status to the doctors by themselves.

Once the original medical record of the patient in Doctor Q system is created, the doctor can keep up with patient’s health status.

As NAM coin services like this spread to the world, NAM health system can help following

  • Have a questionnaire on behalf of a doctor
  • Patients themselves can accurately grasp prescription / diagnosis results
  • Improve patient continuity rate
  • Collaborate with hospitals
  • Hospital rating from patients

As the patient himself seems to be conscious of managing his / her physical condition, he / she will be able to make appropriate medical examination / prescription for the doctor as well.

It will also reduce duplicate explanations / examination from the 2nd or 3rd doctors.

This will also reduce the medical and insurance burden of the Japan which occupies the main body of the national budget.

2. Operation of interview bot (Dr. Q) with artificial intelligence
3. Developing the next-generation medical record system


The 2nd and 3rd projects of NAM is to “build a medical record system” that utilize artificial intelligence.

Based on the information self-reported by the patient in a project linked with the previous “Doctor Q”, They will build a dedicated medical record

When the patient go to a different hospitals rather the usual one, a new medical chart will be created every time, This is administrative burden for both patient and doctor. Also, many hospital in Japan still keep the paper medical chart, there are also risks of loss and theft due to natural disasters and accidents.

Therefore, by creating a medical chart system that utilizes AI on the NAM chain,

  • Doctors in different hospital can share medical records
  • Can support multiple languages
  • AI automatically inputs and summarizes the conversation between the doctor and the patient
  • Decrease in consultation time = decrease in consultation waiting time

The administrative burden will be lifted.

Patient also have benefit of saving time such as filling out a medical questionnaire, every time when they go to a hospital examination and prescription selling pharmacy.

It is possible for the hospital side to carry out more accurate examination and diagnosis smoothly.

Also for the patient side benefit are

  • Reduce waiting time for consultation
  • Office work is reduced

NAM health system has advantages both sides is one of the NAM projects.

4. Disease prediction utilizing AI & Health food Suggestion & Opening of AI clinic

Disease Prediction NAMcoinsuggestion


Additional NAM project includes

  • Disease prediction utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Health foods suggestion by AI
  • Establishment of a hospital of AI, which managed massive medical information

As artificial intelligence learns, The AI will encourage user to have health living.



Price of Token:

As many people know about the health industry (medical, medical equipment, nursing care, health food) that NAM coin enters, the market size is increasing year by year.

NAM’s project, as a profit target from 2019 to 2020,

  • Medical AI machine learning industry: 10 billion yen
  • Health food industry recommended by AI: ¥ 10 billion
  • Medical record system industry: 20 billion yen
  • NAM’s AI Clinic Group: ¥ 50 billion

Aiming for business targets such as operating income reaching 100 billion yen.

NAM coin ICO schedule:

NAM ICO Schedule

1 NAM =

  • 2018/1/28~2/19:0.00000833ETH
  • 2018/2/20~2/24:0.0000125ETH
  • 2018/2/25~3/5:0.00001624ETH
  • 2018/3/6~3/15:0.00001949ETH
  • 2018/3/16~3/24:0.00002242ETH
  • 2018/3/25~3/28:0.00002466ETH
  • Schedule for Public sale is unknown:

Adopted a system with different rate per NAM per period.

Depending on the purchase time of ETH, the current 1 NAM coin is calculated about 1 yen.

Hard cap is set to “60 billion NAM”, selling may be ended even during the period.

Please visit their site for more accurate and detail information. The information here is the summarized version of various Japanese blogs and other information sites.