Best Crypto Podcasts

The best crypto podcasts offer updates, conversations, and enjoyment regardless of what aspect of crypto you are interested in.

Below, we take a look at the top ones you can listen to.

Best Podcasts About Cryptocurrency

Explore the best podcasts about cryptocurrency for the latest updates, expert insights, and engaging discussions on Bitcoin, blockchain, and more. They are perfect for both beginners and experienced investors.

What Bitcoin Did

The podcast “What Bitcoin Did” claims to be the top Bitcoin Podcast, which lives up to that. Peter McCormack hosts it, and they release new episodes every week on two separate days. 

These episodes focus entirely on Bitcoin topics and feature talks with people who develop for Bitcoin, those who support privacy, and investors, among others.


This podcast has had many important guests. These include the well-known supporter of Bitcoin Michael Saylor, and Nayib Bukele Also, the President of El Salvador known as “the Bitcoin President” because he uses his nation’s funds to buy a lot of Bitcoins.

The Money Movement

The podcast called Money Movement was created by Circle, which is the company that makes USDC stablecoin. This coin you might use every day already.

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, shares updates on how cryptocurrency connects with our daily lives. With Jeremy’s extensive tech experience, he offers deep insights on many tech and crypto subjects, leading one of the top ten crypto projects.

Anticipate a variety of broad financial subjects revealing the role of cryptocurrency in the larger scheme and what possibilities await this sector moving forward.

Past episodes have featured key influencers from major crypto and financial firms like Grayscale, BlackRock, Microstrategy, and Coinbase.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast, which Joel Comm and Travis Wright present, serves as an accessible guide to newcomers in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Although subjects and terminology in this area are often intricate, The Bad Crypto Podcast becomes a surprisingly good option for auditory learning.

The Bad Crypto podcast leads you with a fun approach from being a beginner to becoming an expert in the cryptocurrency field. This makes it one of the top podcasts for starters interested in crypto.


They suggest beginning with the podcast’s first episode because it follows a sequence. However, if you choose to begin with the most recent episode instead, given that there are more than 700 episodes, they will understand.

Bloomberg Crypto

From the well-known business news source, we have Bloomberg Crypto – a daily program that lasts 15 minutes and focuses on current events and important cryptocurrency-related headlines. Stacy-Marie Ishmael, the managing editor of Bloomberg Crypto, presents this show which combines elements of a podcast with those of a regular news broadcast.

Unlike many leading cryptocurrency podcasts, Bloomberg Crypto seldom conducts interviews and prefers to present its content as a news program. This podcast is distinct as it focuses closely on cryptocurrency happenings beyond the United States, discussing significant events within Europe, South America, and additional areas frequently ignored by other crypto news outlets.

If you want the top podcast for cryptocurrency news, Bloomberg Crypto is a must-have because it has very current reporting and perspectives worldwide.

Unchained – Best Podcast for Cryptocurrency

The Unchained podcast, presented by ex-senior editor of Forbes Laura Shin, offers a structured and official view on cryptocurrency topics, including the major news, influential people in the field, and significant happenings. 

Multiple episodes come out each week with discussions involving key figures from the industry and recaps of important events over that time.

Since 2016, the Unchained podcast has been a reliable source about cryptocurrencies, experiencing many market fluctuations successfully and offering deep understanding. 


Laura Shin used to report for Forbes, which gives trustworthiness to her show. This makes Unchained an excellent option for people who want to listen to impartial and thoughtful discussions on this topic.


UpOnly is similar to many other cryptocurrency podcasts, featuring conversations with experts from the field and summaries of recent news stories.

This podcast gives a new approach to the usual style because of the strong characters of the hosts. Cobie and Ledger, well-known in crypto X circles, present UpOnly, which offers an intense view from inside cryptocurrency. Also, you can read more about cryptocurrency’s advantages and disadvantages.

The show’s people acknowledge that they do not post on a regular schedule. Still, UpOnly is an excellent platform to listen to recent updates and conversations directly from those traders and “degens” shaping the cryptocurrency markets. The way UpOnly speaks simply and is why it’s the top podcast about cryptocurrency for regular traders and people interested in crypto.

The Pomp Podcast

A roundup of the best cryptocurrency podcasts is not finished without mentioning Pomp. Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is well-known in the crypto field and invests heavily in Bitcoin. On his show, “The Pomp Podcast,” Anthony interviews crypto investors, developers, and even critics.

The program doesn’t only focus on cryptocurrency topics. It features discussions with people like presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Jake Paul. The Pomp Podcast releases daily episodes, offering a constant stream of content.

The Pomp Podcast has more than half a million subscribers, making it one of the top crypto-related podcasts in the world.


The Bankless podcast is a highly followed crypto podcast with over 200,000 subscribers. Hosted by Ryan Adams and David Hoffman, it covers investing, trading, cryptocurrency news, new blockchains, and more.

The name “Bankless” comes from their desire to be independent of banks and to have complete control over one’s money. The hosts are lively and energetic, with each episode featuring a new guest from the cryptocurrency sphere. 

We selected Bankless as the top cryptocurrency podcast for guests because there is a good reason. The list of guests they have featured is truly astonishing. The show has had some important guests, like Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin, and well-known investors Raoul Pal and Cathie Wood.

Bankless does a “Rollup” episode summarizing the week’s crypto events every week.

Conclusion on Best Crypto Podcasts

Crypto podcasts are a great way to keep up with new trends, news and understanding in the cryptocurrency area. 

If you are just starting or already have much experience as an investor, there is a podcast that fits your knowledge level and what you want to learn about. Technical discussions in “What Bitcoin Did” and simpler explanations in the “Bad Crypto Podcast” give different perspectives on cryptocurrency.

FAQ About Crypto Podcasts

What are crypto podcasts❓

Crypto podcasts are audio or video programs that discuss various aspects of cryptocurrencies, including news, investments, technology, and industry trends.

Where can I listen to crypto podcasts❓

You can listen to crypto podcasts on platforms like Spotify, Apple, Google, and YouTube, X.

How often are crypto podcast episodes released❓

Release frequency varies by podcast; some release episodes daily, others weekly or bi-weekly.

Are crypto podcasts suitable for beginners❓

✅ Yes, several crypto podcasts are aimed at beginners, such as The Bad Crypto Podcast, which simplifies complex topics.

Can I learn about crypto investing from podcasts❓

✅ Yes, many crypto podcasts offer valuable insights and tips on crypto investing, such as The Pomp Podcast and Bankless.