Shib Price Prediction: Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2023

The big issue with cryptocurrencies is the existence of their volatility. Of course, they are a great quick source of wealth, but their value keeps fluctuating now and then. In other words, their price or value is unpredictable, posing tension to investors regarding when to invest and which crypto to choose. So let’s talk about next cryptocurrency to explode in 2023, for example, Shib price prediction and more. 

next-cryptocurrency-to-explode 2023

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Crypto price roller coasters

However, the good thing about these cryptos is that their value grows significantly once they explode. In 2021, there was a significant rise in the value of cryptos, where investors were seen making 100% plus gains within a few days. But in 2022, things turned unexpected as the cryptocurrency market turned red.

Many cryptocurrency experts had predicted the rise of the value in 2022, but few expected a slight drop. So as the prices have dropped so far, it is a good chance for investors to buy more cryptos and wait for them to explode again. In the next market circle, cryptos may experience a significant rise in value by 2023.

Investors are looking for potential cryptos that will showcase a rise in value next year. However, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market; therefore, finding the most suitable and profitable one could make the investor sweat. But there are some ways that you can consider to increase the odds of selecting the best crypto, not necessarily by looking at their current prices. Fundamentals are the key factors you can use to measure the potential of crypto to increase in value soon.

However, this article has selected the most cryptos likely to explode in 2023. Although several cryptocurrencies may explode anytime from now. New cryptocurrencies to explode by 2023 include, Shib, Solana, Bitcoin, Stellar, Cardano, Vechain, Ethereum, Hedera, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Binance.

Crypto price prediction

Most investors, and perhaps those who never trust the existence of digital assets, ever wonder what might be the future of cryptocurrency. Will these digital assets increase or decrease in value in the future? Will they vanish from the market? Such worries are there due to these online assets’ current drop and volatility behavior.

The drop in value is a part of cryptocurrencies, and this should raise concerns among new investors. According to several experts, by 2023, more cryptocurrencies will explode, including new and existing digital assets.

Here is what to expect with some cryptocurrencies

Axis Infinity (AXS)

Among the most expanding Metaverse projects standing out as a better-known digital asset, Axie Infinity is the one. But, it realized its prominence in 2021, just 3-years since its launching. It holds the most expensive NFTs, with gaming ecosystems you can play-to-earn. As it becomes popular in the gaming industry, there is a reason why you should invest in it since it will explode in value soon.

Axis Infinity (AXS)


This cryptocurrency has been in the market for more than eight years, and its popularity has increased interest for individuals to invest in it. Besides, big companies have shown interest in investing with and accepting Dogecoin, such as Tesla, adding more odds on this crypto. Today, you can use dogecoins to buy Tesla merchandise. With such regards, most investors are raising their eyes to pour their dollars into this emerging cryptocurrency. By 2023, experts say Dogecoin will explode in value.

Polkadot (DOT)

It was among the most recent cryptocurrency to enter the digital asset market in 2020. Although being new to the market, it has a showcase that is beneficial and suitable for investors looking for a way to earn more returns. It uses dot technology, a feature that attracts investors. Besides, its blockchain is secure and faster with minimal transaction fees.

Polkadot value is expected to explode by 2023, as its current market capitalization is more than 26 billion.

Solana (SOL)

SOLANA out rules most cryptos in the market in terms of transaction speed, just placing a record of 50k transactions within a second. So far, more projects for Solana have been realized, and as it continues to gain popularity among investors, its prices may go up beyond $1000.

Shib coin price prediction 2030

Let’s talk about Shib coin price prediction 2030. There are several doubts about whether the Shib coin price will ever go up soon. At the start of June, Shib price/USD dropped by more than 39%, and since the beginning of 2022, it has lost 65% in its value. However, some experts believe that the price of Shib will rise significantly by the end of 2022 by more than 83%. Within five years, the prediction of Shib coin price is expected to hit $0.000117 by gaining 1,010%. Therefore, the future of SHIB coins is not as bad; perhaps, it may be among the most valuable cryptos by 2023.


Luna coin price prediction 2030

And what about Luna coin price prediction 2030? Should I invest in Luna coins right now? Is the luna coin a good choice of investment? These questions and worries are all over the internet. Investors are up to knowing whether it will be worth investing in Luna coin. Of course, there is great hope for the Luna coin to shoot up in value. Currently, most cryptocurrencies’ prices are down, and so is the LUNA coin. And for sure, it is the right time to buy more digital assets and hold, awaiting the next to explode circle.

The current LUNA price is around $0.00067, but as more investment is ongoing, its value may explode to $3 by 2023.

Gala coin price prediction

Let’s talk about Gala coin price prediction. The gala coin is a good investment, and the action could be now for investors to realize gradual returns in the future. Although the value of the Gala coin today is around $0.05, by the end of 2022, it may rise to $0.23.


For you to invest in one of these cryptocurrencies with a higher potential to explode by 2023, there are some factors you need to consider, such as reliability, safety, and usability. Perhaps, opting for cryptos with excellent fundamentals rather than high prices is a good choice. In other words, go for cryptos that have low fees and give you options to use debit or credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies.