Bitcoin Skill Games

The rising technological innovations have seen the gaming industry get even better. A few years back, most people would play different casino games by depositing funds in their accounts. Today, this has advanced to higher levels, whereby it’s possible to play your favorite casino games using bitcoin. Since people are changing with the current technologies, most gaming providers have also adopted these new gaming techniques to stay competitive and retain their customers. To make the experience better, there has been the introduction of different bitcoin skill games such as Rollercoin, Altcoin Fantasy, etc.


Bitcoin video casino

This is an online platform that supports bitcoin-based gambling to different players. It’s customized to suit older generation players and who want to game in a simple way without having many complexities. In Bitcoin Video Casino, you can play various games, including online poker, Blackjack, progressive slot, Roulette, Dice, Keno, and Carps. Regardless of the game, you want to play, the minimum bet balance is relatively low. Out of these games, video poker the main game liked by most people. Bitcoin Video Casino only allows those with bitcoin alone to participate in the various games.

The best part about it is that provided that your wallet has even a few bitcoins, you can go on and play without necessarily signing up or opening an account. Again, you only need a wallet address to either withdraw or deposit bitcoin. You can access Bitcoin Video Casino via your mobile device on their web platform or Android application version.

Benefits of playing Bitcoin Video Slots

Gambling on bitcoin video slots has many advantages compared to the traditional currencies, as explained below:

1. Maximum privacy

Most traditional casinos usually have questionable features when it comes to privacy, especially when signing up. Moreover, with Bitcoin casinos, there’s no identifiable information that’s asked.


2. Unlimited transactions

Most electronic payment systems usually have limitations on how many transactions you can do within a particular duration. In this case, if you exceed the maximum limits, your account is flagged for a specific duration as a security measure. With a bitcoin casino, you have the freedom to transact as much as you want without any limitations.

3. It’s cheaper

Bitcoin casinos relatively cheaper compared to traditional casinos. It has low transaction charges when making transfers. In fact, withdrawal is free in most bitcoin casinos.

4. Quick transactions

Transactions in most traditional online casinos take at least 2 days before they’re complete. With Bitcoin casinos, you only need at most 10 minutes for your transaction to be complete.


Bitcoin video poker

Most people have been playing video poker in casinos. Also, the experience has even been better with technological advances where one can play with bitcoin. Bitcoin video poker has some advantages a explained below:

1. Privacy guaranteed

The primary benefit of bitcoin video poker is its guaranteed privacy. It’s possible to play anonymously. During registration, you’re only required to provide your email address only. All other information is strictly private.

2. No transaction fees

If you want to deposit or withdraw bitcoins, you won’t be charged any transaction fees. This is because there’s no involvement of payment processors who need a fee to complete transactions.

3. Attractive bonuses

Bitcoin video poker has some attractive bonuses compared to standard casinos. These are the benefits of bitcoin video poker. Some of the games you can play here include joker poker, deuces, jacks, and multi-hand variations.


Free bitcoin roulette

You can enjoy playing free bitcoin roulette in bitcoin casinos. You don’t need any deposit to play here, although you can win real money. Today, most bitcoin casinos have incorporated blockchain technology that brings fairness to players by helping them understand the algorithms used. Just like other bitcoin casino games, you can play free bitcoin roulette anonymously. It’s easy to play and also slower compared to other casino games. If you want to avoid interruptions when playing free bitcoin roulette, you should consider getting the best provider and transfer even a few bitcoins into your wallet. Some of the free bitcoin roulette games you can play in bitcoin casinos include the following:

1. Bitcoin mini roulette
2. Bitcoin progressive roulette
3. Bitcoin multi-wheel roulette
4. Bitcoin double ball roulette

Bitcoin skill games

There are many bitcoin skill games, as explained below:

a. Altcoin Fantasy

It’s a bitcoin skill game whose main emphasis is on more on crypto trading. Altcoin Fantasy is a free game that helps people learn the best ways of crypto trading. To know the level of your trading skills, you can participate in a trading contest with other people. Using the virtual portfolio in your account, trade as much as possible to build it more in the given duration.

b. Satoshi Quiz

This is a unique bitcoin skill game where the player wins some bitcoins if they answer some questions correctly. For every correct answer, the player gets 1,000 satoshis. Also, to emerge a bitcoin winner, you should be among three top users with your account already signed in. You have the option of deciding when to get the awards monthly, weekly, or daily. More about Satoshi.


c. Rollercoin

This skill game is known for its ability to simulate bitcoin mining by creating some harsh rates. To get started, you need to register and start playing while aiming for high scores. Each accomplishment you make while playing will be rewarded in terms of mining power. The more the accomplishments, the higher the earning and vice versa.

d. Spark Profit

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to predict the bitcoin market, you probably need the Spark Profit app. Also, it’s a trading simulation game that helps in predicting crypto and FX markets. Moreover, predictions that are more accurate earn more points.

e. Bitcoin flip

It’s a bitcoin exchange simulator skill game that helps players understand crypto trading basics.  Moreover, with bitcoin flip, you’re allowed to virtually trade assets like XML, BCH, ETH, etc. To test your skills level, you can play against other traders.

Finally, these are some of the bitcoin skill games. If you’re tired of playing in the traditional online casinos, you can get the best experience by switching to bitcoin casinos. They’re very convenient and are also cheaper.