Earn Money by Watching Videos App

More often than not, lots of people have access to internet connections and have lots of free time when they are off work or school. One could wonder if there exists any way to make money using these two resources; an internet connection and free time. So order food with bitcoin – possible, but most people do not know that it is possible to make some extra cash by watching videos, ads, and other video applications online. It is as simple as dedicating some of your time to watching a video online or be used as an advertising agent, and money comes your way. How to earn money by watching videos app?


Earn money by watching videos app

There are various applications which upon installation, allows one to earn money by watching videos and ads online. Nielsen Computer and Mobile application enable users to earn up to 50$ per annum. All there is to is installing the applications on your mobile or phone and then getting paid for using the internet. Watching videos online, shopping, browsing, and other activities involving the internet earn you points that are later redeemed to get gift cards. Similarly, Viggle applications pay its users when they watch entertaining videos such as TV programs. The interactive process earns you points which you can redeem into a gift card.

Get paid for advertising

What do you think about to get paid for advertising? Advertising products and services online pay too. Pay-Per-Click ads system attaches small advertisement videos on commonly accessed sites. When someone clicks on these advertisement videos, site owners receive the agreed commission. There are various systems to connect advertisers and site/blog owners to implement the agreed deals, such as Infolinks and Chitika. For well-established blogs, you could advertise and sell ads directly to your audience. Similarly, you could attach links that are hyper-linked or anchored to external advertising sites for money. However, care should take to observe all set google guidelines to avoid fines.

Earn money watching videos on Android

Some many platforms and sites provide their members with chances to make money by watching videos. Swagbucks gifts users some rewards when they watch videos and ads when browsing the net. Inboxpounds is another platform similar to Swagbucks that could earn you extra money by simple activities such as participating in surveys. Film and Television reviewers make a living out of watching and criticizing films and videos. Payment terms are mostly based on the reviewer’s work experience and work quality.

Reviewers will advise to maintain their name and avoid exploitation by their clients. Video content creators often offer people public opportunities to watch videos and write subtitles for a little more cash than most platforms. As a freelance writer, this is the best way to make quick money by watching videos. Other paying-platforms include; Irazoo, Inboxdollars, Mypoints, and PrizeRebel. To earn money watching videos on Android also normal practice.

Earn crypto watching ads

The use of cryptocurrency is rising rapidly in the business world. Cryptocurrency is an online payment method allowing one to pay for goods and services online using a digitized and highly secure online ledger system. TV-Two application works like Swagbucks, but instead of redeeming earned points into gift cards, you get cryptocurrency. To make transactions easy, it is only at specified amounts of points that conversion and redemption allowing over various trans-currency payment systems such as PayPal. Some advertising firms also pay in cryptocurrencies for pay-per-click advertisement systems. Once viewers click on your video and view the ad, the system records it and generates an invoice summing up all points and the total money you get depending on the rate used. Money that earning in this format is converting to the desired denomination using applicable payment systems across the globe. So let’s earn crypto watching ads.


At the comfort of your home and at with as little effort as clicking on a video or ad, you could make money for your upkeep. All there is to observe is the credibility of the platform you are using. Make sure that you will register and verify trust credentials before beginning any form of contract. With time, you will be able to establish a rating for your work and thus avoid exploitation by your clients. People who learn well-established blogs and websites make money via videos and advertisements are more comfortable since they have a ready market right by their sides.