TOKC crypto. What’s new in Japan crypto market?

Tokyo is a popular metropolis and the capital of Japan. Therefore if you want to travel to Japan or plan to do so, it is essential to convert or exchange your money for the yens. Even though Japan has been a cash-based society, trends have gradually changed, leading to the acceptance of other payment methods. The nodes of payments commonly used include cash, debit/ credit cards, IC cards, and other mobile payment methods. Generally, TOKC (TOKYO) is a cryptocurrency with a current supply rate of 381,893,977.0602, having 272,697,250.710 in circulation. Over the last twenty-four hours, it has a known price ranging between 0.001299 to 1.44 USD.

Tokyo crypto

Tokyo currency

Yen – the main Tokyo currency. And since Tokyo is a city in Japan, Japan’s official currency is the Japanese yens, also abbreviated as JPY. According to the foreign exchange market, it is ranking the third most traded currency worldwide. It is using as a reserve currency after the dollar, euro, and sterling pound.

Tokyo crypto as a Japanese currency

Whenever a serious discussion involving cryptocurrency is discussed, japan is always engaged. According to research, japan is the leading in cryptocurrency acceptance, regulation, and legalization. Furthermore, cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan registered as financial service institutions. Thus, making japan the leading country in recognizing cryptocurrency within its legal system hence providing its citizens with a way of engaging with crypto and making Tokyo crypto one of the Japanese currency. Tokc crypto using in trade, making the economy of japan grow at higher rates.

Everything you should know about Tokyo coin (TOKC)

The Tokyo coin uses TOKC as the symbol and is a cryptocurrency that one can use to purchase, sell or exchange in an open market in Japan.

The name Tokyo got from Tokyo city in Japan. In 2017, the Tokyo coin circulated the Japan’s market. Even though there are no direct cons or pros with cryptocurrency, it does not mean that none exists.

The price of Tokyo coins has decreased by around thirty-three percent for the last twenty-four hours. It also has a circulating supply of a maximum of two-hundred and eighteen million supplies and a minimum of zero Tokyo coins. 0.00021463 is the price of TOKC today with a trading volume of $ 6.88 for twenty-four hours.

Tokyo currency

The most active trading market for the Tokyo coins is YoBit. You can try block explores if you want to explore addresses and transactions.

TokyoCoinis is a cryptocurrency that has very high rewards on the rapidly growing blockchain japan network. The coins enable investors to capitalize their holdings by staking the cash on this network by offering incentives to them. Tokyo coin also uses the proof of stake system (POS0, a recognized proof system used in under forty percent of all cryptocurrencies.

Notable facts and key points of TOKC crypto

  • Most Japanese companies dealing with cryptocurrency referred to as exchanges, thus making japan a stout exchange ecosystem.
  • In 2017 japan became the leading nation to officially regulate Tokyo cryptocurrencies because it was the first country to allow cryptocurrency trading.
  • Because of two major hacking incidents that occurred at Zaif, Coincheck and bitFylers, regulatory requirements have become very strict and costly to reduce its recurrence.
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monacoin, NEM, and Bitcoin cash are examples of Tokyo crypto companies in japan.
  • Tokyo Cryptocurrency companies like bitcoin, each of them run their blockchain. Each company is separate from the other and can never interact with each other because they code differently, and transactions cannot be carried from one blockchain to the other.


In a nutshell, Japan has played an essential role in coming up with cryptocurrency history to date. And it will continue because of two reasons. First, people’s interest in cryptocurrency remains strong in Japan. Secondly, the advancement in cryptocurrency regulation and the support that japan government offers towards its trade. Since there have been reported hacking cases during exchanges, more defined rules and regulations have been made to ensure the process runs smoothly without money being stolen.

Like Japan, other countries should emulate it in normalizing digital money, which will raise their economic status. Coming up with crypto ecosystems has made Tokyo the best place for crypto companies to established and grow because people use cryptocurrency in trade.